Getting second revision 70 mm wheel adapter


Simucube team has listened user feedback on installation experiences of Simucube 2 systems. We have identified that one of the active topics is concerning the installation of a 70 mm bolt pattern wheel to a Simucube Quick Release with the supplied parts.

Following SQR 70 mm adapter related limitations have been identified:

  1. When installing a 70 mm wheel by screws from the font side of the wheel, the screw length must be precisely matched to the total parts stack length. Too long screws will collide the supplied 30 mm spacer piece, and too short screws will not reach the 70 mm adapter plate threads.

  2. Installing a 70 mm bolt pattern with rear mounted screws wheel is not supported by the adapter plates supplied. This is adapter design limitation.

  3. Inadequate documentation of how to install parts as they were intended. This also affects people with 50.8 mm bolt pattern wheels, even though no technical obstacles of installing a 50.8 mm wheel are known.

Quick solutions


Simucube team is addressing the issues by providing guidance and instructions of how to use the SQR parts with different kinds of wheels. The quickest way to overcome issues, is to utilize some of the workarounds:

  1. If finding precisely correct length screw is difficult, then one solution to the problem #1 (above) is to get overlength screws (5-10 mm too long), then either A) cut the screws to correct length (with metal saw), or B) use spacers (such as stack of metal washers) to add space between wheel and the 70 mm adapter plate (see graphic illustration below).

  2. Mounting 70 mm bolt pattern wheel with screws from behind the wheel is not supported by first revision adapters. The easiest solution might be using the revision 2 adapters (request them below).

  3. The first version of assembly guide has been released in Support section. Take a look on the chapter describing quick release installation. Please note that this version does not yet cover all possible variants of installation and we're still expanding the documentation in that matter.

sqr 70mm adapater workaround.png

Revision 2 adapters

Meanwhile Simucube team has also improved the design of 30 mm spacer and 70 mm wheel adapter. The revision 2 parts addresses issues #1 and #2.

Users who have present or continuing issue of installing or using a 70 mm bolt pattern wheel with the original parts may apply for revision 2. If you feel like needing the new revision parts, feel free fill-in the form to request a second revision adapter parts. Simucube team will review all requests and based on them will either supply new components as a courtesy, or provide in-detail support how to solve issue with revision 1 parts effectively.

The parts included in the upgrade kit are shown below. Note that it does not come with any screws. The original screws supplied with Simucube 2 allow assembling the revision 2 parts together. Installing the wheel still requires or wheel manufacture supplied mounting hardware (screws / nuts / etc).


The upgrade kit will include the 30 mm spacer piece and 70 mm adapter plate. Note that  Simucube Quick Release wheel side part (top right in the image below) is not included in the upgrade kit (additional units are available separately through the best equipped Simucube distributors).


Revision 2 request

Please contact us to request for the revision 2 SQR.