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Simucube 2 Quick Tips

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

While Simucube Team is finishing up comprehensive Simucube 2 user guide and tutorial videos, we will be posting some useful tips and tricks for new Simucube 2 drivers in this blog.

Audible beeps

Few of the first drivers have noticed the newly introduced beeps and sounds from SC2 during operation mean. Here's the explanation of the new beeps:

  • Two short beeps with equal loudness. This indicates force clipping condition (over 98% force is output from the simulator game). This sound helps to configure simulator so that clipping and therefore loss of road feedback does not occur during normal race conditions. Suggested usage: if you hear this sound very often, try reducing force output from the simulator and simultaneously increasing maximum torque output of Simucube. With most simulators it is normal that short clipping still occurs during high peak conditions (i.e. driving over curbs). Once you're happy with your settings, feel free to turn off Torque clipping notification from TrueDrive to enjoy the silence.

  • Four short beeps with lowering loudness. This indicates automatic temporary safe torque mode activation based on the Simucube's new Hands-off detection function. The purpose of the function is to reduce maximum torque and speed of the wheel if user lets wheel go during race. If you hear this during normal racing conditions, it means false triggering of this safety feature. In such case, reduce Hands-off detection sensitivity with TrueDrive's Hands off detection sensitivity setting. Hands-off/on detection is automatic and the device will resume to high torque mode as soon as hand-on event is detected.

  • Single beep every 2 minutes of idling. Simucube will beep every two minutes when it's idling and motor torque output is active. For safety, turn off torque while not using the wheel (i.e. push Torque off button). These beeps will not play when Torque off button is pressed, device is powered off, or when device is being actively used (in simulator).

Adjusting the sound notifications in TrueDrive software

Other audible noises from the wheel base

Due to virtually noise free torque controller electronics of Simucube 2, it may be easy to notice some of the typical noises of operation.

  • Rattling noise while racing. This comes from the roughness of the force command of the simulator. Some simulators (i.e. iRacing) output the force signal at 60 Hz rate and it's roughness may be easily heard. Using Simucube's torque reconstruction filter and/or Slew rate limiter features the noise can be reduced or eliminated.

  • Mechanical play of shaft. Some users may notice a "mechanical play" sound from motor in some conditions. This originates from ball bearing's small radial clearance, an intentional feature of deep groove ball bearings. The radial clearance is there to ensure long life of bearing and it does not have any effect in force feedback.

Simucube Quick Release installation

Few users have reported difficulties of assembling Simucube Quick Release on 70 mm bolt pattern wheels.

Known issues:

  • Four bolts that attached the 70 mm adapter plate to SQR will may extend approximately 1 mm through the plate and get in the way of installing the wheel. We suspect that this is caused by wrong kind of lock washer being packaged in the SQR kit.

  • Mounting 70 mm bolt pattern wheel by screws from the front side may require correct screw length with 5 mm length tolerance. This is a limitation of the 70 mm adapter design that makes quite strict screw selection a necessity.

  • Mounting a 70 mm bolt pattern wheel from the back side screws is not possible. This is a know limitation of the 70 mm adapter plate design. We suggest mounting 70 mm bolt pattern wheels from the front side bolts if possible.

  • Incomplete user guide and installation instructions. This is a known cause for frustration, and Simucube developer team is working on the assembly guide as we speak.

SC team investigates the issues and will propose a solution ASAP to get all early Simucube 2 drivers on-track. Hold tight!

Despite of some 70 mm quick release mounting difficulties experienced, Simucube 2 first user experiences indicate an exceptionally high degree of satisfaction. Everything has gone 99% smooth, which we think is a pretty decent result for the first shot!

As Simucube developer team aims nothing short from perfection, we encourage SC2 drivers to share their experiences and questions in Simucube 2 forum.


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